Vintage Spring time made current

Polka dots have been seen throughout fashion history right back to the 1920’s!  In the 1940’s Dior released a line of hourglass dresses all featuring this speckled design seeking “to make women extravagantly, romantically, eyelash-battingly female” again, following the post war period. Then we were seeing polka dots throughout Hollywood icons such as Marilyn Monroe,, Lucille Ball and Elizabeth Taylor. 

Then came the revamping of the polka dots, making it gender neutral. Anne Akbari, founder of styling business Closet Catharsis commented that men wearing polka dots need not be emasculating.  She expressed that men wearing polka dots highlight that they are fashion focused and that they pay attention to fashion. So now we see polka dots in many men’s styles including ties and business shirts as well as casual tees. 

Large polka dots are essentially associated with the 50s and 60s to this day.  But when we see prints like this dress in a smaller design, we can wear it straight to the office without giving off a “I’m here to party” vibe.  This dress actually has an A line shape which I cinched in with a stretch belt giving it more shape.  The belt let me pull up the dress so it wasn’t as long and sat more comfortably around the belt breaking up the top and bottom. 

In alignment with the 50s and 60s trend of polka dots, we also reminisce about the cat eye glasses that have a sweeping frame up to the temples.   Associated with the fashion forward women of that time and now brought to life again today! I love the mirrored look which has morphed its way into current trends with many personalities sporting these shades. I found these styles at amazing prices!! Links listed below. 

Excuse hubby’s reflection here 🙂
Polka dot dress by Zaful
Bag and sunglasses by Zaful
(Sponsored by Zaful. All opinions are my own)

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